Electronic Digital Hygrometers: Humidity Control for Guitars, Cigars and CIgar Humidifiers, Humidity Gauge for Wine Cellar Temperature

The Habitat Monitor ® Hygrometer / Thermometer

• Precise Electronic Temperature & Humidity Gauge (hygrometer)

• Humidity & Temperature Alarm System

• Highly Accurate Humidistat and Thermostat

• Climate Control System, when appliances are added

Our highly accurate, digital hygrometer is ideal for controlling a humidifier for a cigar humidor, guitar storage cabinet, wine cellar, wine cooler, piano room, clean room, artillery and firearm cabinet, greenhouse and more. Perfect for auto-fill humidifiers.

Our hygrometer, digital electronic, is one of the most precise and dependable hygrometers - digital or analogue- available today.

Sold as the "Forget Me" and "Set & Forget" humidification system by many of our distributors.

Humidity Control for Cigars, Guitars, Auto-fill Humidifiers and Wine Cellar Humidification,

"CMT, Inc. released the first model of the Habitat Monitor in 1995 as a highly accurate temperature and humidity alarm product for controlled environments like wine cellars. Over the last 30 years the product has been upgraded several times to become a precise control for humidification, de-humidification, heating and cooling. Thousands of these devices, alone and in systems with various controlled appliances, have been sold to collectors of climate sensitive fine wines and cigars. In addition these products are used for the protection and preservation of a range of climate sensitive good and items including acoustical instruments, and for industrial applications in dessicator cabinets, clean rooms, computer rooms and laboratory environments (maybe a link to the Applications page).
Now, as the developer of these products, President and CEO David de Sieyes, moves into retirement, the business structure has shifted away for manufacturing and sales with an emphasis on customer service, product support and calibration/repair.
Many of our customers, some of whom have purchased products repeatedly over the years, have expressed disappointment over the unavailability of our products and the lack of equivalent quality products from other sources dedicated to these specific applications. We have prided ourselves in offering superior products and customer support over the years and are grateful for the words of kindness and thankfullness that we have received from our valued customers. In addition to the Habitat Monitor itself, CMT possesses patented, trademarked and proprietary products that can be easily and quickly brought back to the marketplace should a company or individual have a desire to take them over. Any interested parties may reach out to us using the contact information available on this website.

To all our customers over the years we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your business."

"Set & Forget"* Your Habitat Monitor ® Digital Hygrometer System to maintain the proper humidity and temperature in your wine cellar, cigar humidor, guitar cabinet, reptile aquarium, piano room, greenhouse, clean room, firearm cabinet and any acoustic instrument storage space. The Habitat Monitor ® temperature and humidity thermometer can be used to automatically regulate any auto-fill / self filling humidifier: cigar humidor humidifier, wine cellar humidifier and cooler, or an acoustic guitar humidifier to keep your humidity and temperature at ideal levels.
Our precise hygrometer (digital) is one of the best hygrometers, if not the best hygrometer, available today. It is highly precise, to within 1° F and 2% humidity.

* Our digital electronic hygrometer and humidifier system is also known as the "Set and Forget" and the "Forget Me" automatic humidifier and climate control system.