Electronic Digital Hygrometers: Humidity Control for Guitars, Cigars and CIgar Humidifiers, Humidity Gauge for Wine Cellar Temperature

The Habitat Monitor ® Hygrometer / Thermometer

• Precise Electronic Temperature & Humidity Gauge (hygrometer)

• Humidity & Temperature Alarm System

• Highly Accurate Humidistat and Thermostat

• Climate Control System, when appliances are added

Our highly accurate, digital hygrometer is ideal for controlling a humidifier for a cigar humidor, guitar storage cabinet, wine cellar, wine cooler, piano room, clean room, artillery and firearm cabinet, greenhouse and more. Perfect for auto-fill humidifiers.

Our hygrometer, digital electronic, is one of the most precise and dependable hygrometers - digital or analogue- available today.

Sold as the "Forget Me" and "Set & Forget" humidification system by many of our distributors.

Humidity Control for Cigars, Guitars, Auto-fill Humidifiers and Wine Cellar Humidification,

The Habitat Monitor ® Digital Hygrometer Automatically Controls Your Cigar Humidifier, Guitar Humidifier, Wine Cellar Humidifier or Auto-Fill Humidifier (Self-filling humidifier). It is an ideal Cigar Humidor Hygrometer, Guitar Hygrometer and Wine Hygrometer

Ideal for Regulating Your:

"Set & Forget"* Your Habitat Monitor ® Digital Hygrometer System to maintain the proper humidity and temperature in your wine cellar, cigar humidor, guitar cabinet, reptile aquarium, piano room, greenhouse, clean room, firearm cabinet and any acoustic instrument storage space. The Habitat Monitor ® temperature and humidity thermometer can be used to automatically regulate any auto-fill / self filling humidifier: cigar humidor humidifier, wine cellar humidifier and cooler, or an acoustic guitar humidifier to keep your humidity and temperature at ideal levels.
Our precise hygrometer (digital) is one of the best hygrometers, if not the best hygrometer, available today. It is highly precise, to within 1° F and 2% humidity.

* Our digital electronic hygrometer and humidifier system is also known as the "Set and Forget" and the "Forget Me" automatic humidifier and climate control system.